H.265 스피드 돔

2/3 메가픽셀 슈퍼 WDR 스타라이트 카메라

풍부한 기능과 우수한 이미지 품질을 갖춘 전문적인 수준의 네트워크 카메라는 다양한 애플리케이션을 충족시킵니다.

  • Leading-edge H.265+ Compression

    Comparison between H.264 and H.265 Compression
  • 0.002Lux Ultra Low-light

    The starlight camera is able to deliver high detailed color images even in low light environment reaching 0.002Lux (Color) or 0Lux (B/W), and near infrared light environments without any supplementary lighting.

    0.002Lux Ultra Low-light
  • Smart IR II

    Smart IR II

    The IR LEDs technology has been upgraded to provide videos with a viewing range of up to 200m. Four LEDs work as High Beam, two LEDs work as Mid Beam, while the other three as Low Beam for better image clarity and quality regardless of the object distance. Also, the Low Beam, Mid Beam and High Beam’s brightness can be adjusted manually or automatically on the basis of the zoom ratio.

  • 140dB Super WDR

    140dB Super WDR

    Milesight’s sensor-based WDR technology allows the camera to record greater scene details with true color reproduction even under the extreme back light and high contrast conditions. The ratio that the brightest light signal values divided by the darkest light signal values is up to 140dB.

  • 23x/30x AF Lens

    Milesight H.265 Speed Dome Network Camera is designed to extend user’s reach to the max with the fast 5~117mm @F1.5~F3.5/ 4.7~141mm @F1.5~F4.0 TAMRON lens. The 23x/30x optical zoom allows the user to zoom up to distant subjects while still maintaining the clarity, delivering high quality video over the entire zoom range.

    30x AF Lens is used in Milesight SpeedDome Cameras
  • IP66 Weather-proof Housing

    IP66-rated housing of the network camera shields its sensitive electronics from dust and water, which ensures stable operation in all weather conditions.

  • 360° Endless Pan, 0° ~ 90° Auto Flip Tilt

    With a sophisticated pan/tilt mechanism, Milesight Speed Dome Network Camera provides fast, precise movement with endless 360° pan and 90° tilt. The user can easily control the lens position via mouse to monitor area of interest and set up to 255 preset positions for patrolling. There are up to 8 patrol routes and maximum 4 patterns of the manual operation paths (for Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus) which can be set as required. Moreover, the user is able to schedule specific PTZ tasks by date and time.

    Milesight SpeedDome has 360° Endless Pan and 0° ~ 90° Auto Flip Tilt.
  • Example of Smart PTZ Motion Detection

    Smart PTZ Motion Detection

    The Smart PTZ Motion Detection function enables the user to monitor specified area clearly in a timely manner. When there is motion detected in a target area. Milesight Speed Dome Camera will pan and tilt to the position of motion detected area automatically. Then zoom in to provide clear image for a duration of time. If the duration expires, the camera will resume its previous monitoring position and zoom level.

  • 3D Positioning

    Milesight Speed Dome Network Camera can be easily controlled via the use of a mouse which is truly user-friendly. Left click on any position of interest in the video image, and the position will right become the center of the current monitoring area. Use the left button of a mouse to drag a rectangle area, then the area will become the central area of monitoring with automatic zoom in or zoom out action. Rolling the mouse wheel up and down, the video image will be zoomed in and zoomed out immediately.

    3D Positioning Technology