IR Min Dome

2/4/5 메가픽셀 슈퍼 WDR 스타라이트 카메라

초소형 및 정교한 디자인의 네트워크 카메라로 탁월한 화질을 제공합니다

  • Leading-edge H.265+ Compression

    Comparison between H.264 and H.265+ Compression
  • 0.002Lux Ultra Low-light

    The starlight camera is able to deliver high detailed color images even in low light environment reaching 0.002Lux (Color) or 0Lux (B/W), and near infrared light environments without any supplementary lighting.

    0.002Lux Ultra Low-light
  • 140dB Super WDR

    140dB Super WDR

    Milesight’s sensor-based WDR technology allows the camera to record greater scene details with true color reproduction even under the extreme back light and high contrast conditions. The ratio that the brightest light signal values divided by the darkest light signal values is up to 140dB.

  • 3-Axis Mechanical Design

    3-axis mechanical design with 180° pan, 15-90° tilt and 360° roll for fast and easy adjustment of the camera's viewing angle.

    3-Axis Mechanical Design of IR Mini Dome Network Camera
  • Smart IR II Technology

    Smart IR II Technology

    The IR distance is up to 20m with upgraded IR LEDs of which brightness can be adjusted. Morever, with the IR anti-reflection panel, the infrared light transmittance is highly increased.

  • New Microphone

    Upgraded with new codec, the microphone voice is louder and clearer, which is much better than the previous one.

    New Microphone codec of IR Mini Dome Network Camera
  • Better Thermal Design of IR Mini Dome Network Camera

    Better Thermal Design

    The base of the New IR Mini Dome Ne twork Camera with bulged strips which enlarge the heat dissipating area has been upgraded to better dissipate heat.

  • Easy Installation & Adjustment

    Milesight specially designs a press button, a unique panel on the side of cover and built-in PoE port, making the installation a piece of cake.

    Easy Installation & Adjustment
  • Two Colors Available for IR Mini Dome

    Two Colors Available

    Available in White and Black, the brand-new IR Mini Dome provides more choices for your preference.

  • SIP/VoIP 지원

    Milesight IR Mini Dome Camera features industry leading SIP/VoIP function and video streaming for mobile phones and video phones.

    SIP/VoIP 지원